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Relationship Education

Celebrants are required to inform couples about the range of information and services available to them to enhance and sustain them throughout their relationship.

Issues such as parenting attitudes, communication, finances and conflict resolution are important. This is not about counselling; it is about giving couples useful skills.

Many private and government organizations offer marriage education.

Being in a relationship can be a fulfilling experience and is also an important part of our lives. Relationships are often challenging whether you are in a new relationship or if you’ve been together for twenty or more years.

People grow and change with time so it makes sense that their relationships will grow and develop. Many people aren’t aware that it is possible to learn and develop practical skills to help them to relate to their partners and to strengthen relationships.

Relationship education is about learning skills and accessing information to help you and your family maintain and develop a healthy and happy relationship.

Drummond Street Relationship Centre Inc

Assisting couples entering into a new relationship with a view to marriage or possibly a second marriage. Pre-marital counseling can help to clarify issues such as mutual expectations, step-parenting issues, family homes, communication skills and many other questions that can arise.

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Code of Conduct for Marriage Celebrants

Published by the Attorney-Generals Department, Canberra. Authorised celebrants are required to draw couples’ attention to the Code.

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